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    Photo by Thomas Donley

    Tinderbox 2012 / Photo by Thomas Donley


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    MANCIE is playing a Special Early Show at Spike Hill in Williamsburg on New Year’s Eve 9:30 PM to roll in the new year.Come out and get drunk with us for the last time in 2012!!!



    SEXY BADASS GIRL ROCK FEST coming up at THE KNITTING FACTORY in BROOKLYN. TUESDAY JAN 8th w/ Paperdoll, Alyson Greenfield, Tori Sparks, Bern & the Brights. Comedian Kara Klenk (UCB Theatre) & DJ ALEX FLASH SPINNING! Come hear the hottest female led bands in NYC!

    GET TIX HERE: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/191943-sexy-badass-girl-rock-fest-brooklyn/


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